Raum für Design // formerly Formschoen. Raum für Design is a space dedicated to the whole process of clothing production and beyond including research and innovation as well as interdisciplinary projects.

It can be seen as a safe space or a fablab that connects people, opens doors, offers equipment and room to practice, research, try and fail, succeed, repeat.

See it like a big colourful design candy factory where everything you want is possible. Almost.

The space is as strong as you are and the more you use it the better it gets, it’s all about the crowd.

There are various ways of using the space for you to chose from. Perhaps you like working from home and only want to have a temporary bigger space to produce a sample line or seasonal collection. You can place your individual production team temporarily within our space and take advantage from low cost solutions. Alternatively you could get part of the gang and reserve your spot in the space – and have the best workplace in town. There is also options to use the workshop a few hours a week on a regular basis plus a 10 unit card for the occasional drop in. For more information please refer to our price list or get in touch.